Author: Jeremy Shaffer

CMU Announced May 2021 Is Mental Health Awareness Month

Published / by Jeremy Shaffer

This past year presented so many different challenges and obstacles that tested our strength and resiliency. CMU acknowledges the global pandemic forced us to cope with situations we never even imagined, and a lot of us struggled with our mental health as a result.

Harrisburg, PA – May 1, 2021 – We know that the past year forced many to accept tough situations that they had little to no control over. If you found that it impacted your mental health, you are not alone.

During the past year, the United States has witnessed an unprecedented increase in the numbers of people experiencing mental health problems. While 1 in 5 people will experience a mental illness during their lifetime, the CDC reported as many as 44% of the population were dealing with either depression or anxiety.

The good news is that there are resources available that can support the well-being of children, individuals, families and communities.

A great starting point for anyone concerned about the impact the pandemic on their mental health is to visit CMU’s website at and click on the Take a Checkup from the Neck up box for a mental health screening. It is a quick, free, and confidential way for someone to assess their mental health and begin finding hope and healing.

While you are on check out CMU’s Mental Health Case Management services. The case management services are available free of charge to all residents of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania aged three and older with mental health issues.  CMU case managers assist individuals and families in securing the resources necessary to live successfully in the community. CMU prides themselves in providing friendly, knowledgeable and personable services. 

The Case Management Unit (CMU) of Dauphin County is a private, 501(3) (c) non-profit agency incorporated in 1990 to provide comprehensive case management services for residents of Dauphin County who need mental health, intellectual disability, or early intervention services.


CMU releases information on it’s involvment in the CMU Highmark Walk

Published / by Jeremy Shaffer
Release Date: April 13, 2020

Out of an abundance of caution and for the protection and safety of our CMU Walk participants and volunteers, the difficult decision has been made to modify the CMU Highmark Walk to an online only fundraiser and virtual walk for this year’s campaign.
This modification ensures that CMU is still able to fundraise, while not putting participants at risk of further spread of the COVID-19 virus in a mass gathering situation. This change is also in accordance with the CDC’s recommendation of social distancing and avoiding mass gatherings.
To make a donation to the CMU fundraising efforts, please click on the link at the bottom of this email to visit the CMU Highmark Walk homepage. Then click on the “Donate Now” button to make a donation. See the site here.