Mental Health Case Management Services

CMU offers Mental Health Case Management services to residents of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. Case Management services are designed to assist individuals with mental illness along the road to recovery. Case managers help to coordinate mental health, medical, transportation and other services to assure an individual has access to the appropriate resources necessary for their recovery. All case management services are provided free of charge to the individual, however, there may be fees associated with referred services based on an individual’s Liability Determination.

Two levels of Case Management services are offered by CMU – Administrative and Blended.

Administrative Case Management is designed to assist individuals with a lower level of need. Administrative Case Managers serve as liaisons between individuals and referred programs and services to assure continuity of care and to coordinate service delivery. Contact with an Administrative Cases Manager occurs minimally once every six months, either face-to-face or on the phone. The actual amount of contact depends on the unique needs of the individual. Administrative Case Managers are available during normal business hours.

Blended Case Management is designed to assist individuals with a higher level of need. Blended Case Managers work more closely with individuals and provide a consistent level of support as an individual’s needs change. Face-to-face contact with a Blended Case Manager occurs minimally once every 30 days, and on-call services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.