Forensic Blended Case Management Services

Forensic Blended Case Management (FBCM) is a unique program that addresses the challenges faced by individuals with mental illness who are also involved in the criminal justice system. The driving force behind this program is the desire to help in the recovery process while preventing further incarceration. Case Managers work with individuals through the criminal justice system and during their transition into the community, and help to provide the supports necessary for a successful transition.
In this level of case management, a face-to-face contact must be made with a Case Manager at least once every two weeks in the home and/or community. The actual amount of support received is determined by the unique needs of the individual. Services are provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To access FBCM services outside of CMU’s normal business hours, on weekends or on holidays, contact Dauphin County Crisis Intervention at 1-888-596-4447.