Mission Statement

CMU Mission, Principles and Values

CMU believes that relationships hold the key to overcoming barriers, accessing resources and fulfilling CMU’s mission:
Charting paths and creating opportunity for adults, children and families to live full and inclusive lives in their communities.

5 Pillars of CMU Services


We believe that individuals have intrinsic and unconditional worth. We believe that individuals are free to decide how they live their lives. We also believe that people have the right to exercise freedom of thought or choice.

Do No Harm

We never intentionally harm others through our actions or lack of action, nor engage in any activities that run the risk of harming others (avoidable harm).  This includes, but is not limited to, using our positions for personal gain or to exercise power over others. 

Do Good

We have an obligation to act in ways that prevent harm, remove harm and promote good. Our actions are defined by how well they help others. Actions and advocacy should always promote the health and well-being of the individuals we serve.  We strive to put in place the supports and resources that reflect kindness, quality and maximize the benefit to others.


We treat others equitably, fairly, and without prejudice.  We treat others the way we wish to be treated.


We are loyal to others in our words and actions and honor commitments. This includes keeping our promises, doing what is expected of us and being trustworthy. We are competent and capable when performing our duties and we adhere to applicable laws, policies and procedures.

CMU Organizational Values


Feeling and showing concern for others


Being deeply aware of and wanting to lessen the distress of others


Being honest and adhering to CMU principles and values


Waiting and tolerating without complaining or getting angry


Doing things consistently so that others can depend and trust you


Ability to recover quickly from changing conditions or difficult circumstances


A demonstrated feeling, understanding or attitude that someone or something is important


Giving encouragement, support and help


Having people believe you, trust you, and have confidence in you


Having a tolerant and honest relationship with others


Revised/Adopted – 5/7/2019