Mental Health Services

CMU’s Mental Health Services group is committed to providing support and resource management to individuals on their journey to recovery.  Our case management services are available free of charge to all residents of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania aged three and older with mental health issues.  We serve as a gateway to obtaining needed mental health, medical, social, financial, vocational and educational supports to maintain maximum independence and community functioning.  Our case managers assist individuals and families in identifying, securing and sustaining the resources necessary to live successfully in the community.  We pride ourselves in providing friendly, knowledgeable and personable services to the community. 

From Intake to discharge, our friendly, professional and knowledgeable team will stand with you through the hardest times, celebrate the victories along the way, and constantly provide the support you need and deserve.

What does a Case Manager do?

CMU Case Managers help to explore a variety of resources and supports available to individuals and families, then coordinate and monitor the delivery of these services to the satisfaction of those they work with. Individuals and families drive the planning process and service plans are created in ways that develop natural community supports and provide for the choice of services.  We believe in supporting our consumers to achieve the highest level of independence and personal growth possible.  

What mental health services are available at CMU?

CMU offers a variety of mental health services designed to meet the needs of individuals at various levels of recovery.  Services include Intake, multiple levels of case management (Administrative and Blended), Forensic Case Management, Homeless Outreach and others.